Our team’s capabilities range from new builds and custom homes to extensive renovations and full furnishing projects with a two-room minimum. We specialize in full-service projects–it’s our philosophy that interior design accompanies your build or renovation from beginning to end for a comprehensive, integrated feel to your space. 

Our Services

Our guiding purpose is to help you fall in love with your home again, or perhaps for the very first time. Our experiences over time have taught us that the best results come from a place of empathy and communication—both of which are constants in every DH project.


Your Home. Reimagined.

Prior to meeting together, we’ll have you fill out a Design Questionnaire to get a better idea of your ultimate vision. During our meeting, our designer will cover your design needs, budget, styles, and inspiration. From taking measurements and photographs of your space and walking you through our seamless step-by-step process, we’ll ensure every detail is accounted for and that no questions are left unanswered.

Step 1: Design Consultation

After the consultation, we’ll outline and confirm all your project details, including timelines, a crystal clear budget, and expectations in your Design Agreement so there are no surprises down the road. This is where we make sure no stone is left unturned when understanding your goals, needs and educating you about how our process works. 

Step 2: Project Commencement

Now that we’ve finalized your project details, it’s time to let the creativity flow in our Daley Home studio together. We’ll pull out all the elements, including detailed measurements, color swatches, and inspirational photos so we can begin to put your vision into perspective and get one step closer to creating a cohesive aesthetic for your home. 

Step 3: Concept Meeting

Once your aesthetic is clear, our designers will get to work in creating a customized presentation complete with drawings, selections, and estimates for your project.

Step 4: Design & Documentation

This is where your vision begins to take shape. We like to think of this step as your visual lookbook for what’s to come. This customized presentation and proposal will cover every aspect of your space. We’ll provide drawings and construction selections, mood boards, paint colors, fabrics, along with a detailed proposal for products and furnishings provided by DH—all of which are hand-selected with your distinct aesthetic and family in mind.

Step 5: Design Presentation

This step gives you the opportunity to share any and all feedback in regards to the Design Presentation. Once received, we’ll quickly implement revisions for your approval.

Step 6: Revisions

Once designs are officially approved, orders are placed, and tracking begins. This is where our true systems and processes shine. We’ll be tracking current lead times for shipping and quickly resolving any supply challenges that arise while providing constant communication every step of the way. After each order passes inspection, we’ll safely store it with a partner receiver until installation.

Step 7: Order Placement

If your space is undergoing construction, you’ll hear from us on a regular basis to check in on the progression of this stage. We ask that you undertake the management of contractors where services such as painting, electricity, or installation are needed. We have compiled a list of trusted trades and vendors that we will share with you at this step.

Step 8: Construction & Renovation Progress Review

This day is a culmination of months in the making, and seeing your space come to life in person is our favorite part of the process. We want this day to be as seamless as possible, so we’ll run through how these final moments will take shape, and you’ll receive an Install Day checklist. After furniture, window treatments, art, and accessories are in their places, it’s time to welcome you into your new home.

Step 9: Installation Day

At Daley Home, we strive for perfection when showing you your new home. Upon your final walkthrough, if anything is out of place or doesn’t feel quite right, we’ll take care of it and ensure you’re happy with your space and that it’s a true reflection of you and your family.

Step 10: Deficiencies Resolved

We believe a joyful, meaningful home doesn't come from decor or furnishings alone. It starts at the very beginning with our innovative process. The DH experience always begins with a curiosity to understand our clients' needs and features a step-by-step process that's been perfected over the years. The result? A beautiful, functional space within budget and timeline—all while honoring your home and family in the best possible way.

Explore Our 10-Step Process


They added the most unique and dramatic touches to our house that needed updates and personalization. From start to finish we felt that Shelby understood us, was a wonderful communicator, brought us ideas that we could not have done on our own, and delivered a finished product that we are in love with!"

"We cannot recommend Daley Home enough!


Your journey to a joyful home starts here.

Your Questions, Answered

Depending on the size of the project, from our initial conversation to a fully completed design, it typically takes 6-8 weeks. For larger projects such as new homes, the process can take 14-16 weeks. Once the design is complete and approved, product is ordered which can take 3+ months to arrive depending on the scope of the project.

We like to think of finished products in two different stages when it comes to design. The first is construction, and the second, furnishings. Depending on the scale of your project, construction can take anywhere from a few weeks for a minor remodel to two years for a new home. Presently, furnishings take 3 to 6 months and can run concurrently with any construction you may be doing. Although timing can be a challenge, we always do everything in our power to have furnishings ready when construction is complete.

Years of experience have led us to our tried-and-trusted 10-step process that takes our clients seamlessly from idea to installation. Below is each step at a glance. For a more detailed breakdown of our process, each phase is broken out above.

1. Design Consultation
2. Project Commencement
3. Concept Meeting
4. Design & Documentation
5. Design Presentation
6. Revisions
7. Order Placement
8. Construction & Renovation Progress Review
9. Installation Day
10. Deficiencies Resolved

Whether you’re building a new home, adding onto your existing one, or exploring custom furnishing, it’s crucial to keep timelines top of mind and to reach out as soon as you’re ready to learn more about bringing in an interior designer. Our proven process can lead to beautiful results; however, in order to create your expertly curated space, we have to custom order almost every piece for each client—all of which can come with different lead times depending on availability.

We charge by the hour for all of our design services. During your consultation, we'll define a scope of work based on your goals and create an estimate for the amount of design time it will take to complete your project. This estimate is your retainer and is paid in full at the start of the project. We will bill against your retainer as your project progresses, sending you invoices twice a month.

In our years of experience, you should hire a designer if...
  • You’re starting a new build or a significant renovation project.
  • You need help from conception to completion.
  • You need or would like all new furniture and decor.

While we would love to help everyone, experience has shown that our team is best suited to support larger projects. We generally require that each project include new furnishings for at least two full rooms along with any other areas that may need attention.
No, we are not a general contractor. We've built a longstanding network of trades and contractors that we're happy to recommend to our clients for smaller remodeling projects, more extensive renovations, and new home builds.

We purchase exclusively from wholesalers who only sell to the trade. We’re sourcing products from a dozen or more vendors on any given project to create a curated design aesthetic just for you. In addition, purchasing directly from wholesalers allows us to pass along a portion of our savings to our clients. Typically, our clients can save 30-50% off of MSRP when they purchase through Daley Home.

We kindly ask that you fill out our design inquiry form to begin the process. If it’s a good fit, we’ll be in touch to set up a complimentary phone call.


We’re breaking down everything you need to know before inviting an interior designer into your home.

Your Guide to Working with an Interior Designer